Pasture raised. Dry aged. No added hormones.

About Our Cattle

Rotationally grazed on lush Wisconsin pastures. Finished on grass and free-choice barley from Karben4 Brewing, a perfect marriage of recycling and animal husbandry. Dry Aged for 21 days to further concentrate and enhance the depth of flavor.

What is Dry Aged Beef

If you’ve had the good fortune of tasting dry-aged beef, then you know that it has a remarkable depth of flavor. Dry aging is the process of letting the beef dry or age before being trimmed and cut into steaks. Dry-aged beef is exposed to air so dehydration can further concentrate the meat’s flavor. Allowing enzymes naturally present in the meat to break down the muscle tissue, resulting in improved texture and complexity of flavor and savoriness. Our beef is dry aged for 21 days for tenderness and an intense flavor that you have to try to believe. Resulting in a high end premium product. 

What It Costs

We sell our premium 21 day dry aged beef by the quarter, half or whole as well as individual cuts. Price is determined by hanging weight, which is the weight of the carcass after the skin, head, hooves and non-usable organs are removed. This figure is usually 60% of the body weight. The hanging weight of our beef will be approximately 800 lbs. 

Fees paid to Fischer Family Farm (weights estimated on the high side)

Estimated cost for whole beef (800 lbs hanging weight x $3/lb) …………….$2,400.00 

Estimated cost for half beef (400 lbs hanging weight x $3/lb)………………..$1,200.00

Estimated cost for quarter beef (200lbs hanging weight x $3/lb)…………….$600.00

Fees paid to Butcher (Baraboo Meat Market)

Processing Kill Charge:

Whole Beef…… $80.00

Half Beef…………$40.00

Quarter Beef…….. $20.00

You can expect to pay an additional $0.60/pound to the butcher for processing and curing, depending on your choice of cuts and processing. Beef is processed by the side. Once the side is processed into finished, wrapped portions it is sorted into even quarters and boxed.

Want to save more and don't have room for a whole beef? Go in with friends or family and split the beef! 

The table below gives approximate amounts of each cut that you will receive.  Your order may vary slightly from this, and you may opt for different cuts than these where it is possible.  For instance, you may prefer T-bone and Porterhouse steaks rather than NY strip and Tenderloin-(a Porterhouse steak is composed of a NY Strip on one side of the "t-bone" and tenderloin on the other).  

Individual Cut                   Quarter/Split half     Half Beef        Whole Beef

Chuck/Arm Roast                  10-12lbs                   20-24 lbs           40-48 lbs

Rolled Rump Roast               3 lbs                        5-6 lbs                10-12 lbs

Sirloin Tip Roast                    3 lbs                        5-6 lbs                10-12 lbs

Round Steak, or Stew Meat  3-4 lbs                     6-8 lbs                12-16 lbs

Ribeye Steak                         2.5-3.5 lbs               5-7 lbs                10-14 lbs

NY Strip Steak                       2.5 lbs                     5 lbs                   10  lbs

Sirloin Steak                          2 lbs                        4 lbs                    8 lbs

Tenderloin Filets                   1.5 lbs                      3 lbs                    6 lbs

Flank Steak                           5 lbs                        1 lbs                     2 lbs

Skirt Steak                             2 lbs                        4 lbs                    8 lbs

Flat Iron Steak                       1.1 lbs                       2.2 lbs                 4.5 lbs

Tri-tip Steak                           1 lbs                         2 lbs                    4 lbs

Brisket                                   2 lbs                        4 lbs                    8 lbs

Short Ribs                             2 lbs                        4 lbs                    8 lbs

Soup bones with meat         4 lbs                        8 lbs                    16 lbs

Liver                                      1 lb                           2 lbs                    4 lbs

Bones for Bone Broth          10 lbs                       20 lbs                  40 lbs

Ground Beef                        45-50 lbs                 90-100 lbs           180-200 lbs

Total amount of beef           84-96 lbs                 168-192 lbs          336-384 lbs

Approximate Freezer          4 cubic feet             6 cubic feet         12 cubic feet                                                                                                                                                                                              space needed

A few things to consider when purchasing beef:

  • When ordering you can easily package the meat to accommodate the size of your family. All meat is frozen at the butcher and heat sealed, (vacuum packaging is an option). Each type of cut is labeled on the packaging.

  • The price is based on the hanging weight of the beef, not live weight.

  • Once your premium dry aged beef has been processed, your beef will be packaged, frozen, and we will deliver it to you.

  • Our beef is processed through out the year to offer our high quality beef to you when you need it.

  • If a quarter/half/whole beef is a little more than you need, we also offer individual cuts. Click HERE for individual cuts pricing.