Our Story

Fischer Family Farm was born out of a desire to raise our own animals in a happy and healthy environment and to know the story behind our food. What started as a necessity eventually became a bigger dream: to provide the same quality of meat and relationship with food to the greater community around us. We care about the story behind the meat and the connection it brings between the consumer and the farmer, more than being just another meat provider or label. Part of that story is how we care deeply about our animals and their quality of life, and in turn, ensure that our customers receive only what we would feed our own family: the highest quality meats raised as naturally and humanely as possible. 

We want to provide an on farm experience for our customers to really immerse themselves in the farm. To truly have a hands on approach to know how your food is being raised and develop a relationship with us. We want you to know that when you buy meat from us you are also buying the story behind it. We are truly a family farm putting everything we have into providing you with the best meat possible. 

Go beyond the label... there are 101 buzz words out there to describe your food but at the end of the day the only word that matters is the word of your farmer. We want you to know us and trust us to feed your family. 

Come along on the journey with us and be a part of the story. Its not just our story its yours too! This is your meat and we are your farmers.